xkcd styled chart library

#3 Product of the DayAugust 19, 2019
Chart.xkcd is a chart library plots “sketchy”, “cartoony” or “hand-drawn” styled charts.
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Hi, PHers, I'm the author of this lib. What I want is a chart library with simple API like chart.js but in hand-drawn effect. I find there is no such lib, so I created this one. Thanks for trying it out. Previous discussions about xkcd styled charts: - xkcd styled charts in matplotlib: - simple line graph in d3: - disscussions on stackexchange: https://mathematica.stackexchang... - why are xkcd styled graph important:
@tim_qian Looks great. Good job!
Love all these hand drawn style libraries!
This looks neat! I'm not sure if that's a Mac, Chrome or Retina thing, but the graphs look a bit choppy to me compared to the matplotlib ones. Is that expected or a bug for me?
@dqmonn1 It is expected, I use svg filter for now, which add the effect based on pixels. I will try to find ways to improve the effect later