Chart.js 2.0

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2 Reviews5.0/5
One of the Chart.js contributors here. Version 2.0 is a massive overhaul of the underlying library focused on ease of use and extensibility. Hundreds of issues from the 1.x branch have been resolved, making Chart.js even more stable and user friendly than ever! Here are a few of the core changes: - Github Organization: Moved from to our own org,, where we hope to continue to grow the awesome community - Scales: New time axis, log axis and multiple axis support - Animations galore: Just about everything animates now, from adding/removing datasets, updating data or even changing colors. Based on canvas, animations run at 60fps even with tens of thousands of data points - Dynamic config: It used to be difficult to interact with a chart after creating it, but now it is as simple as changing the object and calling the update function - Mixed charts: It is now trivial to put a line on a bar chart or whatever combination floats your boat - Legends: Now supported for all chart types, they can be placed anywhere on the canvas and support toggling data visibility by default - Chart types: More charts supported out of the box, including stacked area/bar and bubble charts - Labels: Built-in chart titles and axis labels make it easy to understand your data - Responsive and mobile ready: Charts, labels and legends all scale down to accommodate any screen size out of the box, with touch event support - too much awesomeness to list here Moving forward, the core team is committed to a faster release cycle. Version 2.1 is slated to come out in the next week with: - Plugin support: Add optional support for features like zoom/pan (forthcoming) without adding bulk to the core library - Shared data between charts We'd love your help, so please join and contribute! We have a very active Slack community that you can join at https://chartjs-slack-automation.... We'd love to add new chart types and to get the documentation translated, so if you think you can help, we'd love to have you!
@derekperkins do you have an ETA for zoom. I'm trying to get off of highcharts and this is all I need to do so. :)
@aub It's pretty close. Here's a proof of concept - - It works zooming with your mouse wheel or pinching on mobile. What are the specific requirements you have for zoom?
@derekperkins thanks for the fast reply! I need axial zoom like this: (specifically on the X). (I'm a product designer so take all this fwiw / its free advice :) ) I think the interaction could be achieved with click+drag / pinch for zooming and then double click or double tap to get back out. shift+drag or pan could allow for panning. <- so you might not need much UI for this or users could bind the callback to a button or something for the double-click/double tap reset. (like the first one here I could use dygraphs but your api is so much easier to understand IMO. Would love to see something like this in chartsjs :)
@aub That's good feedback. I've logged on our issue tracker so we'll account for those use cases. You should subscribe to the Github issue so you're notified once it's completed.
Massive fan on Chart.js 2.0 - Easy to customize when you get the hang of it -
New update looks really great. A load of new scale types with different axis, and multi-axis support, almost everything now animates with awesome performance, you can mix and match chart types, for example bar and line. New chart types - including bubble + stacked charts. New labels and legends features too.
@kwdinc Nice hunt, thanks Kevin! Great timing too because we're looking into better charting options for the Strides web app and 2.0 makes this a strong contender for sure. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it!
It rocks!
Chartjs fits perfectly in the Gap between do-it-all-by-yourself and i-will-do-it-all-for-you. 2.0 brings some very good desired features to an already awesome library. Thumbs up to all contributors.