Chars 2

Note-taking with Unicode

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Chars is a delightful and easy-to-use note-taking app for quickly writing down your thoughts. Then sharing, tweeting, or using them the way you want.

Also there is built-in special characters keyboard working inside the app or as system-wide keyboard extension.

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Max@rdev · JS Developer
I really like it. This is clean, and I love clean things 🙂
Marat Saytakov
Marat SaytakovMaker@m4rr · Passionate iOS Developer
Hi everyone, 3 years and 350 builds since 1.1, Swift 2→3→4 migrations done. Cleaned up warnings, fixed all fixmes, and Chars 2 is finally here! ∀✓︎✈︎☀︎⚡︎ We also made a new fancy website. Please have a look. We're looking forward for your feedback ☺️