A little companion app for collecting Tweets

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This app achieves the functionality that every twitter client should have done, for people who browsing twitter all the time, organizing fav tweets is definitely a great need. I just wonder why the collections API of twitter is ignored by people for such a long time. Anyway, here it is, thanks @benward for this fabulous app! 😘
@novoreorx FWIW, Tweetbot implemented support for the collections API recently. It's pretty neat!
@parasight yeah I also noticed that in their last release log, but didn't get where it is in the app🤔
@novoreorx Yeah, it's a bit hidden! MacStories has a nice run-down:
@parasight it's really very obscure, maybe they don't want to expose this feature to common users by some concern. BTW, it looks like only your own tweets can be added to collections, that's quite limited compare to Charm.
Made by @benward, there guy that created embeddable tweets when at Twitter!
@chrismessina heh - @benward is still at Twitter :-)
The website description makes it sound very useful 😎 "Organise Tweets into collections, save articles for later, cue up playlists of music you find, or transcribe conversations"
If it wasn´t on frontpage I might would have overseen it. Hope this gets integrated in Twitter at some point.
It would be nice to add multiple Twitter accounts. That feature doesn't seem to be present yet from what I can tell.