Make a killer impression on anyone you meet with



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Alexander Taub — Co-founder, SocialRank
Love these guys and the product feels like spark notes for meeting prep.
Ross Rojek — CTO, GoLocalApps
@ajt Price(s)? Always hate it when you can't see it before signing up.
Aaron Frazin — CEO, Charlie
@SacBookReviewer @ajt Free - focusing on growth right now!
Philip Schweizer — CEO @ SalesWings
@ajt Same here! Reminds me of the Nimble CRM app which shows social data before meetings. Awesome guys!
Melissa Monte — Director of Media & Startup Growth
I've been a beta tester for awhile and it's a pretty awesome service. The kind you don't need to remember to log in and check. It just connects to my calendar and sends me an email in the morning about what I need to know about meeting attendees to put me ahead of the game before meeting. It's pretty useful.
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