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CEO of Charlie here. The new iPhone app truly resembles a personal assistant that can save the day when you're about to meet someone important. Minutes before any meeting in your phones calendar, Charlie briefs you with key facts on the people you're about to see. If any of you want to see what Charlie finds about you, comment here and I'll show you what Charlie finds! Cheers, Aaron Frazin CEO - Charlie
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@robbieab Here you go! Congrats on the Technori Expansion to 10 new cities man, you're killing it.
@afrazin Is it possible to connect more than one calendar? I have a calendar that's tied to my work email and another tied to my personal email address.
@equartey Absolutely. On the iPhone version of the app, it syncs with all calendars on your phone, so even if you have 10 calendars it will work with all 10. However, on the web version of the app, we currently only support one calendar, so I'd suggest using the iPhone version! Cheers, Aaron
I've been using Charlie for a while now. Literally has saved me days of research people/companies I'm about to meet with. FYI: a great replacement if you were using since LinkedIn likes to acquire and shutdown products.
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Ever since I found Charlie on Product Hunt I've been using it for my meetings! Now they have an iPhone app which makes this experience even better!
I really like Charlie a lot. What other insights will you be adding? Any roadmap thoughts?
@scottwall0 The new iphone App has much deeper AI - based on context of who you're meeting, it'll suggest a few ways to start the conversation and even let you know if the company had any big events in the last month. We're going to keep making it more contextual and more personal to you, so that you're always prepared. Hope you love it!
Awesome product! It's amazing how much time everyday I spend looking up people in rappaportive + google, I've been looking for a replacement for for a while
@charleyma Happy to save you all that time back, hope you love it!