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Aaron Frazin — CEO, Charlie
CEO of Charlie here. The new iPhone app truly resembles a personal assistant that can save the day when you're about to meet someone important. Minutes before any meeting in your phones calendar, Charlie briefs you with key facts on the people you're about to see.

If any of you want to see what Charlie finds about you, comment here and I'll show you what Charlie finds!


Aaron Frazin
CEO - Charlie
Robbie Abed — Writer, Entrepreneur
@afrazin ooh me. pick me!
Aaron Frazin — CEO, Charlie
@robbieab Here you go!

Congrats on the Technori Expansion to 10 new cities man, you're killing it.
Emmanuel Quartey — Product, MEST Incubator
@afrazin Is it possible to connect more than one calendar? I have a calendar that's tied to my work email and another tied to my personal email address.
Aaron Frazin — CEO, Charlie
@equartey Absolutely. On the iPhone version of the app, it syncs with all calendars on your phone, so even if you have 10 calendars it will work with all 10. However, on the web version of the app, we currently only support one calendar, so I'd suggest using the iPhone version!


Josh Lee — designer
@afrazin do me ;)
joel — Founder
@afrazin great app! I saw this coming across Charlie Waite's design site
Aaron Frazin — CEO, Charlie
@drjoelpalath @afrazin thanks! Charlie is a brilliant designer.
Mike Preuss — Founder,
I've been using Charlie for a while now. Literally has saved me days of research people/companies I'm about to meet with.

FYI: a great replacement if you were using since LinkedIn likes to acquire and shutdown products.
Aaron Frazin — CEO, Charlie
@mikepreuss Thanks Mike!!
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