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📦 Charity Box is a service to be held accountable to giving to charity once a month.



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Ethan Harris
Ethan HarrisMaker@ethan_m_h_ · FSU CS, Indie Hacker
Hey, Product Hunt! I created Charity Box over the course of the last week or so to motivate people who want to minimize their lifestyle or donate more to charity, but can't get themselves to do it. Now, they'll have an incentive. When you sign up, you put in your credit card and you have one month to donate. If you miss your deadline, you're held accountable to the amount you wanted and you pay. Let me know if you have any questions! Ethan
Jason Leow
Jason Leow@jasonleowsg · design + public good + indie maker
Oh nice. Products for social good are rare on PH, so it's nice to see one. What's the back story on this product? *curious Why did you make it, what user need/painpoint does it address?
Ethan Harris
Ethan HarrisMaker@ethan_m_h_ · FSU CS, Indie Hacker
@jasonleowsg I'm fascinated by incentive systems, as well as learning new things/getting good habits. Lots of people, including myself, are trying to minimize their lifestyle and get rid of the stuff they don't use, but most of the time I find I can't be bothered to go and actually donate it, so I created a reverse incentive system with Charity Box.
Drew Meyers
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Founder, Horizon & Geek Estate
@jasonleowsg "Products for social good are rare on PH" Have a look at Stay a Night, Give a Night :)
edouardwinia@edouardwinia · PM @FoodChéri
@jasonleowsg @ethan_m_h_ Hello ! Nice product ! But when I think about it, wouldn't a notification system be sufficient to trigger your donation ? When I think about it, I love the idea, but maybe it lacks a curation of what kind of goods are needed. Inspiring from 24 pull requests (https://24pullrequests.com/) that would be nice to know what is needed in your community, so you can contribute with the maximum impact. But of course that would require much more crawling of data and make the product more complex. I make the hypothesis that a notification system coupled with real needs around you or in your community would power up donations ! Anyway thanks for the idea, it's very interesting ! Cheers P.S. : with the time elapsed since launch, do you have any figure on the usage ?
Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia@geekgirlweb · GeekGirlWeb
This is a great idea, I think I'll pair it with Give Back Box which prints free shipping labels and gives you the idea to re-use your Amazon boxes to ship donations! https://givebackbox.com/ Would love to know where some of the funds go though. i.e. site/service maintenance and pick a charity where my $ goes to.
Ethan Harris
Ethan HarrisMaker@ethan_m_h_ · FSU CS, Indie Hacker
@geekgirlweb Thanks, Rebecca! That's a great idea. I'll be sure to make people aware that free shipping options are available.
Blum Erinus
Blum Erinus@blumerinus · design sights
very good help people over the world.
Marina  Uz
Marina Uz@marina_uz · engineer, university
Agree with you