When Yo Met Tamagotchi – The New Virtual Pet App

@shyrosenzweig Thank you! We’re interested to see what happens if we create a platform where the all "first communication" fears are removed or decreased. What will users do with that platform? How will they behave? How does it change their relationship with their contacts? ... Please leave in the app or send me directly any thoughts you have about #Chargies!
Thanks @ayeletnoff! Excited to be featured, thanks @ProductHunt! There are hundreds of mobile and desktop apps that let you send messages, photos, voice, and other content to people. Those are useful if you have something to say, but there are times when you think of someone and you don’t have anything specific to tell them. How do you tell someone: I was thinking of you, but don’t have anything specific to say? Chargies is an experimental one bit messenger that enables more interactions between more people, keeping them regular, simple and free from awkwardness. Questions and feedback are much appreciated!
Brand new Chargie 2.0 available to download: Thousands Unique Virtual Pets!