Remarkable Billing Support for Startups.

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Has anyone used this before ?
@kwdinc Haven't used it but it sure looks interesting...
Hi folks, I'm one of the founders. Thanks for posting to Product Hunt. Please let me know if you have any questions!
@zemaj cool. Please could you let me know when you get support?
@_jacksmith Will do. We originally started working on, but put it on hold in favour of Help Scout as we've received a few more requests for it. But it's next on the list after Help Scout. It looks like we should be able to do a full implementation on Thanks.
@zemaj cool; what sort of timeline do you reckon for that?
@_jacksmith It's looking like 3-4 weeks. There's a notification form here if you'd like to get an email about it
this looks like an awesome product!
this looks really great
Awesome product!