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Hi everyone! Wanted to share my humble weekly tech newsletter here. I started it because I felt it was difficult for the average person to keep up with tech and since I spend a lot of time reading about it myself, I thought I could help cut through the noise for people. The big news sites move so quickly that even major news falls off the front page before most people even know about it. Unless you're checking regularly or subscribing to RSS (and keeping on top of that!) it can be incredibly hard to keep up. Charged is a click bait free, once a week newsletter that looks to boil down the most important tech stories, interesting blogs and startups from around the web in one place. Emails can be annoying, so it only hits your inbox once a week, on weekends and includes stories from the source, not regurgitated content. I know how much email people get so I work to make this something you look forward to. We aren't affiliated or tied to anyone else so we don't have our own agenda. Charged cites the story at its source I've got lots of other ideas for the future of Charged (and the news), but right now I'm keeping it simple and trying to help people keep up with what's new on a weekly basis. Would love if you gave it a shot and let me know what you think! πŸš€
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Subscribed a while ago and it's always really interesting to have a recap of tech news, especially if you don't have time to read during the week. Perfect on Sunday with cereals and netflix in the background.
@syswarren funny that's exactly how I do it! haha
@sleinadsanoj I like that this is a thing πŸ˜€
@ow @sleinadsanoj "Charged Newsletter better served with cereals"
@syswarren @ow maybe you should think about starting a "charged cereal" side-business, Owen. ("Charged Cereal" actually works really perfectly as a name as well...)
@sleinadsanoj @syswarren *runs off to get trademark*
Owen for king.
@jedgar king of email
- How'd you get your early subscribers? - How do you acquire more now that the project is in full motion? - I notice a sponsor; how'd you secure that? - Have you considered charging for this, or a Pro version? - How do you consume? A news/feedreader?
@dshan Hey Derek! Early subscribers all came from Twitter and word of mouth. I've been doing this for four months and we had around 900 subscribers from just that. I'm working on new ways of reaching people now that it has slowed but it's a hard one to crack since email isn't exactly public. I'm hoping to get other folks to write about the newsletter right now. Feedback has been really good; people love Charged and find the news far too hard to keep up with. One idea I'm kicking around is building a media company alongside Charged. Something like The Verge or The Next Web but with a real community twist when the users can control the content that appears on the homepage a lot more as well as actually contributing to the story. It's early days on this, but I want to help cut through the noise for your everyday person. I have HEAPS of thoughts around top quality news while keeping it consumable by your every day person so this is something I'd really like to do. Sponsor was a trial that I ran with a local company for a month; they reached out after reading the newsletter and being fans. I've considered a few ways of monetising; sponsorships or really small monthly fees for subscribers (you know, something like $1-4) but right now that's not my primary aim. I think building something alongside the newsletter would be far better and could grow it significantly. I'm weird when it comes to consuming the news - I have everything in a feed reader but tend to get all my news from Twitter. It's far more real time!
I might be a bit biased, but good luck @owenw!