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Here's what I love about Charge: - +GIF support makes conversations way more fun - Web messenger lets me get access to my conversations away from phone - Uses my existing phone number as ID. No passwords, no remembering usernames Excited to see where @andrewmbenton and team take this next!
@johnsheehan Thanks. We're definitely into avoiding passwords where possible:
Charge is super fun to use. Like 'Slack' for the rest of your life.
Charge cofounder here, happy to answer any and all questions. Here's a direct link to our web app, launched today: (you'll likely want to import some contacts from the gear menu). To answer an obvious one, we're different from WhatsApp in that you can be logged in on multiple devices at once and have everything sync, including contacts and all conversations. And we have +GIF-roulette, so there's that. Looking forward to your feedback.
Looks nice! Congrats on launch. But I must say, I think it's going to be near impossible to get people to switch from GroupMe which seems to do all of this and more. Who is your target audience?
@apr214 Haven't used GroupMe since the early days (they were a big customer of Twilio when I was there in 2010/2011) so I have to admit I'm not familiar with their current feature set. I will go re-download now. Do they currently have a random GIF discovery feature? We're targeting anybody who would share way more GIFs if the effort of creating/maintaining a GIF library or manual search and selection was removed from current solutions.
@andrewmbenton they've integrated Giphy which has been incredibly successful from what I can tell. In my age group (college + recent grads) GroupMe is something we can't live without. Also, liking messages (which may be on your roadmap) has been a key feature you should think about adding as well. Makes the whole experience much more fun.
@apr214 We definitely have plans regarding liking/starring messages, so it's good to hear you think that's important. From playing with the GroupMe app for the last 10 minutes or so It looks like they have a pretty standard GIF search/library integration, which is pretty different from our +GIF-roulette injection feature. Have you tried +GIF yet?
I have used the Giphy integration in Slack which works similarly (but poorly imo). I do like the idea of being able to send GIFs quicker with a dedicated button for it in chat but I suppose I'm old school and prefer to choose the best one from a list. But again, nice looking app and I wish you guys the best of luck!