Mac menu bar app for quick use of special characters.

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We built Characters to scratch our own itch as one of those "does one thing well" apps. In this case we made accessing special characters easier and faster from your Mac desktop. Here are 10 promo codes for the Product Hunt community. If those 10 codes are used and there is more interest, just comment and we'll generate more:
Just very happily paid for this. The # of time's I've held down the option key and then proceeded to press every other key on my keyboard to try and find the one symbol I'm looking for. Then move onto googling for the symbol so I can copy and paste. Very annoying... @davissiksnans appreciate you making this!
@davissiksnans Love it! Got a promo code, thanks for that. :) Just curious: is dev mode the only thing that sets it apart from the default characters app?
So much better than ^⌘Space—thanks for the promo code too!! 😊 → (Typed all the previous characters with Characters)
This is awesome, thanks! Is it possible to pick the emoji skin colour? I can only get yellow.
@jbrooksuk Not yet, but I'll keep it mind :)