An ultra-fast tool to check how many characters you've typed

CharacterCounter is a lightweight tool to count the characters you type into its textbox.
Whether writing headlines, ad copy, designing interfaces, subject lines or web forms — character counts is a key metric.
CharacterCounter is a simple, quick solution.
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This was a personal project built to scratch my own itch while learning about ideal typography line-lengths in design. As I worked on this I realised just how often I had previously been using Google Docs for this in the past. CharacterCounter is custom built for this use case, getting the job done quickly and effectively. (And without massive Google Doc delays!) The design and development are focused on loading AS QUICKLY as possible. It's designed to help keep you in the flow of your original task — you load a new tab, navigate to CharacterCounter, check what you need and get back to work. If you'd like to learn more please check out my CharacterCounter Case Study on Medium!
@jason_crabtree_ UX and UI of project is really nice. I added it to my bookmarks. Hope you won't fill it with Adsense ads. Do you have some monetization goal/plan?
@ferid_movsumov no monetisation plans — because load-time speed is so important I want to avoid any extra things like ads. The code is on GitHub and Netlify’s free hosting options do its free for me and so free for you! ✅
@jason_crabtree_ good news! Thank you 👍
I'm interested in this
Thanks, for this tool! I have a team that writes copies for social media and SMS which has character restrictions and every time they had to use MS Excel or a Google word doc to measure character limit. Will use it and let you know!