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only male characters?
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@catapop84 only white men?
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@catapop84 The first option I looked for was 'gender'. Nice idea in principle... not worth using until it's a more inclusive product.
@jasonshen @catapop84 I get the feeling this is a case of "launch with what we have now and we'll update it later". However, that's a short-sighted thing to do considering the context.
@jasonshen @catapop84 Only white hipster men? 😁
1. Woman needed :) 2. The interface is really nice.
Character Generator is an opportunity for you to create your unique character using plenty of options (hairstyle, clothes, beards etc). So you can have many different characters according to your current mood. All files you’ll get in vectors so you can print them on anything like longsleeve, sweatshirt, hoody, cap etc.
So this is great for white men with hair... Its a cool novelty but already old due to lack of diversity. 👎🏼
Like others have said, I think this is a great lean concept. Add a female shape, a lot more hair options, skin tones, noses, eyes etc (hell look to some video games for inspiration) and you'll have a solid avatar creator tool. I do think $3 is a little high. I might buy something like this for $1-2. If you included some half body options to put the head on I'd for sure be willing to pay more/buy more options. Keep going with it though. As someone who creates YouTube videos / does a lot with social media this could be a fun cheap solution to build a animated avatar.