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A weekly podcast from Twitter about businesses 🎙️🐣

Nothing moves faster than Twitter. So it’s no surprise that the vibrant creativity there also changes at Tweet-speed. Every week there are new memes, joke formats, movements, and topics.
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This is great, looking forward to learning from the best marketers out there :)
Loving the first episode so far! 😻 @joewadlington Do you all have plans for starting more podcasts down the line? 👀
@amrith I love hosting podcasts and hope to do more! In the meantime, you can also hear me on Drunk Safari.
@joewadlington Ha! Cool name 🥴🐘 It'd be really cool to see different subdivisions of Twitter have their own podcasts; like the design team, the Blackbirds team, Twitter Women team etc. 🙌
@amrith Agreed! I'm curious to see if this will spark other teams to do the same.
Is there a way to find the RSS feed for this podcast? I don't use any of the listed platforms?