The best way to add chapters to your podcast

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Rafael Conde
Rafael CondeHunter@rafahari · Design at Netlify, co-host of Layout
I personally use this app to add chapter marks on Layout.FM – it's dead simple and works like a charm 👌
Thomas Pritchard
Thomas PritchardMaker@tpritc · Designer
Hey all. I made this because, before Chapters, it was really hard to add chapter markers to podcasts. Listeners seem to really enjoy them, and podcasters were crying out for an easy way to add them. I'm really excited to finally release Chapters to the whole podcasting community after a great beta period! I hope you all enjoy it!
Brandon Hull
Brandon Hull@brandonhull · Co-Founder, HelloCast
@tpritc Thomas is using Logic a requirement here? I see it mentioned in the Mac store as step 1 -- exporting from Logic.
Thomas Pritchard
Thomas PritchardMaker@tpritc · Designer
@brandhull Logic is not a requirement, and I've updated the marketing site to reflect that. The majority of Podcast Chapters' customers use Logic for their podcasts, but what I was referring to was just any old audio program.
YES!!! I'm not a podcaster, but avid listener; I'm subscribed to about 50 podcasts. I don't listen to each one religiously, I think of it as flipping tv channels. Only one or two podcasts I listen to have chapters (isn't this a built in feature in garage band?) and it is THE most efficient way to get to the info I'm interested about in an episode. Those self-indulgent "conversational" podcasts can have some pretty good info, but it's only like 10 minutes in a 90 minute show (exaggerating). I'm just saying; I love it when I see a long podcast that has chapters. /rant.
Robb Lewis
Robb Lewis@rmlewisuk
We used Chapters for the latest episode of Ruminate ( and it took less than fives minutes to add chapter markers to the episode. Highly recommended.