A beautiful, simple live chat for websites.✨

Chaport is a beautiful, simple live chat, with premium quality and affordable price. Chaport is designed as a modern messenger. It has a single app for operators and admins with clean UI, same for all platforms.

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Wow, never saw a chat for website copying that much Intercom's design. Even the animations! Don't you have enough imagination to build your own UI/UX? You should update the headline to "Intercom, but cheap and only for website chat".
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Hey @izemmour! I think we used the same Google's Material Design Guidelines ( and we both did it well. And it seems that we both like Snapchat's chat icon placed in a circle 😉. We are trying not to reinvent the wheel and to make a chat widget that is understandable for customers. I, personally, think that many of UI designers should limit their imagination a little, but follow the guidelines and best practices more. p.s. Your headline sounds good 😀
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@izemmour to defend the underdog, I think a lot of small businesses are looking for an elegant online chat and engagement solution that doesn't cost your soul. Intercom's solution can too bloated and expensive for many business to justify the price (especially since it constantly goes up with every new user). While I agree that the design may not be truly original, so are many other chat apps like Kayako, Freshchat, and more that all steal from Intercom's design. Intercom has simply become the standard -just like Apple did smartphones. Not sure reinventing the wheel would have been a successful move. I think @alex_shvalev is hitting a ripe market that wants this kind of solution.
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@izemmour There are so many Intercomers today with similar questions. Intercom’s city Dublin has become the most popular city in our today’s Google Analytics report 😂
@izemmour @alex_shvalev Because they are preparing a lawsuit
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us! We’ve been working hard for almost 3 years (initially we hoped it would take a couple of months 😃) and now we’re happy to introduce you to our new product! 🎉 We started Chaport with the vision of creating a beautiful, simple live chat for websites that should be of premium quality and at an affordable price. Of course, there is already Intercom on the market. We think it's great, but we don’t like its complexity and high prices with the audience-based pricing model. Chaport is designed as a modern messenger. It has a single app for operators and admins with clean UI, same for all platforms. Here are some of Chaport's key features: 💎 Premium looking chat widget that works great on mobile (even on unresponsive websites) 🖥 Beautiful desktop apps for Mac & Windows 📱 Full-featured mobile apps for iOS & Android 👥 Group chats 🔗 API and Zapier integration 🆓 Free plan for 5 operators with unlimited chats and history You can get 50% off with the PRODUCTHUNT50 coupon code. We’d like to make Chaport even better! Thoughts / ideas / questions? Please let us know 🙏🏼
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This looks promising. Been hopping around chat apps for our ecommerce biz for a long while now trying to find the right fit. Intercom is bloated and overpriced for us, while other solutions lack an elegance (especially on mobile) we're looking for. I'm signed up and excited to see how this compares. I'll leave a review soon! :D
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@gregstone14 Thank you! It's so nice to hear it! We'll be waiting for you review! 😀
I can't believe chris hunted this guy. They basically copied the whole intercom design
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@uxdzen Intercom looks nice. We love the beauty of their widget. And as I said earlier it uses the same Google’s Material Design Guidelines. That’s why we look very similar. To be unique wasn’t our main goal. We could easily make a square button instead of the circle. Or don’t use the animations that Google suggests to use. But we didn’t want. It looks cool and customers like it. In regards to the similarity of the shortened version of the widget (when auto-messages appear): Tidio implemented it first and then Intercom used this idea. Our main goal is to be simple to use and solve customer needs at reasonable price.
@uxdzen I see the similarities — especially in the widget design and icon. The color scheme is also pretty familiar. That said, there are some emerging patterns in customer service applications that are becoming hard to escape. At the same time, this create an opportunity for @alex_shvalev to double down on differentiating his product's design and look and feel to address some of the concerns raised here.
@uxdzen @alex_shvalev @chrismessina This is not an example of using an emerging standard. This is straight up stealing.
I can't upvote this. It's a complete clone of Intercom.
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@theashtube Just look inside. We’re different. Maybe the one more reason why you can’t upvote us is that you submitted Intercom’s book today? 😉
@alex_shvalev I'm product agnostic. So no, that's not why.