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Hey there! I'm Dmitriy, founder of Chaos Control. Wow, that's a pleasure to be on Product Hunt! We tried to create an easy to use task manager based on the best ideas of GTD (Getting Things Done), but flexible enough to be used if you're not familiar with the method. It's a goal-centric, meaning that you start with writing down your goals in different categories and create action plans for each of them afterwards. And we've got Daily Plan, repeating tasks, scheduling and all you expect from a task management tool. And the best part is: it supports literally every major platform: Mac, Windows (starting with Windows XP), iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apple Watch and Android Wear. I hope you'd like the app. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
If you're interested in our Mac/PC apps, here is the special promo-code for 30% discount: PRODUCTHUNT (clever, right?) In order to get the discount please use this links: Mac: Windows:
Hey @tarasovmobile - congrats on the PH feature! What's the value proposition here? This space is pretty saturated, and there are a number of free options, so why should someone use this over another product? I'm a fan of GTD, but hard to see why I should shell out $24.99 for the desktop/$4.99 for iOS. Also, it might be useful to have a landing page, rather than just directing users to the Amazon/ShareIt order page. Cheers!
@jeremyemiller Hey Jeremy, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Fair enough, it's crazy to launch "yet another task management app", right? Here is why it stands out: 1) You don't need to pay for subscription as with apps like Todoist or Any.Do (these are great apps though). You own what you pay for. Forever. 2) Apps like Things and OmniFocus ($50 each on Mac, 20$ on iOS) are great, but don't support Android, Windows and other platforms. And if you're serious about GTD you really need your tool to be available everywhere 3) Free offerings may solve simple To-Do List handing needs, but if you need more serious functionality you'll still be paying 4) Chaos Control is ridiculously simple. It is based on a slimmed GTD, it's not overloaded and well-balanced. That's why we think we have a chance. And it seems like Apple like us too. Check out the main page of the Mac App Store. Regarding the landing page: fair enough and we have it: It seems like the first "Website" link on Product Hunt leads to Amazon by mistake. @chrismessina, could you please help?
Congrats @dtarasov on the launch :) the team behind the product is great, wish them good luck!
@dtarasov, my man, congrats! :)