Channels Stack

The curated library of YouTube educational channels.

Channels Stack is a place for curious people with a huge passion for self-education, personal growth and everyone who likes to learn something new.
Here you can find channels that teach how to code, play guitar, design a website, even make cakes and much more!
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Hey, hunters! 👋 Channels Stack is my first ever project and I’m so excited to show it to you all today! 🎉 Channels Stack is a collection-based website, where you can find channels with tutorials and educational content around creative, technology, business and lifestyle topics. I built CS because I always started learning new things with YouTube, using it as a free educational platform. But since YouTube is mainly an entertaining resource and there is no separate section with educational content (as with music, video games, and films) - It gave me the idea of creating a website with a collection of educational channels. Also sometimes I’ve received questions like “Dude, how did you make ABC” and I shared links to YouTube tutorials 😀 . The curation is based on the quality of the content what means that even the channels with fewer subscribers can be listed if brings the value. I really hope that Channels Stack will help somebody to learn a new skill or maybe even change career because that’s what it’s been built for. Believe me or not, but I’ve learned to play guitar, Motion Graphics, UI/UX Design and now learning Webflow and some basic frontend with YouTube. In the end I want to say huge thanks to my future wife, Natali, who worked hard on creating the descriptions for 150+ channels and listening to my design talks every single day for the past 2 months. Also thanks to @dimabraven and @ittsnick for the advice you gave me. P.S. I’m also really proud to say that it’s built almost without code! I would love to hear your feedback and feature requests! 😉
Nice! Is a selection of channels in other languages planned?
@alexandr_karpovich1 Hey, Alexandr, yup, I plan to add Russian language channels as well!
Lovely to see it live man!
Good idea and nice realisation! I submit a channel but it's not added
@anton_borzenkov Thank you, Anton! All submitted channels will go to my inbox, so I can check it and review before adding them to the site =)
Liked the site! Just a few questions! On what basis are the channels selected? How are you planning to grow this list? Will there be ratings that automatically pops the best to the top?
Hi, @kartha_vijaykumar! 👋 I'm really glad you've liked the site! 1- I select the channels based on my feelings (for sure I can't be an expert in all the things around), so if I feel that the creator seems to know the topic he is speaking or teaching about - I will pick this channel despite how many followers it has. 2 - I want to add more subcategories, languages, likes or upvotes and maybe even accounts, so the users can make their own lists and share them. 3 - Will definitely add some kind of rating system (when get the idea how to implement that with nocode tools)😀.