Send money like text messages in a new multi-currency wallet

Channels is the next generation encrypted messenger and a multi-currency wallet App that allows making transactions in various digital currencies under a single blockchain, making them cheaper, faster, and more secure while allowing to send money to personal or business contacts just as easily as sending a simple text message!

  • Pros: 

    simple way to use your digital assets in mobile app


    It have no desktop app :(

    Cool application. As the investor of this project I am really pleased with this progress. Blockchain is the technology of the future! I like the clarity of voice messages. Everything is clear, but there are some shortcomings:

    - there is no return to the chat list from the conversation using the right swipe.

    - there is aslo a problem with push notifications. The text and the sender's nickname are not displayed.

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  • Derek Lee
    Derek LeeIm a short 5"2 guy living in America

    One stop shop for tracking your cryptos on the channels app instead of going to others crypto trackers app to track your cryptos performance



    Its awesome that this channels app can much more than what I already said like the amount of certain cryptos in the channels app u have,translates the amount of crypto into any fiat u want that is available in the channels app

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Next gen financial system
@orlando_suarez Thank you, it is our goal to create a more convenient and safer way to manage assets 🙂
Wow, that's a game changer! UI is so clean and everything works very smooth!
@iblazder Thank you very much for your positive feedback :)
this is the app the crypto world was waiting for ! easy to use , very fast and secure.
@patience Thank you so much for the your opinion :) We hope to make asset management and communication seamless for the crypto world and beyond.
Well worth taking a closer look at. I am looking closer now.
Thank you for your comment @john_eddy 😊
Awesome app, it's the new way of sending money! Keep it up.
@avicenna1m Thank you, will do :)