Channelkit 2.0

File your pile into a tidy visual knowledge base

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Hey everyone! I'm Nina, the CEO of Channelkit and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have! Channelkit is a web tool aimed primarily at creative professionals that enables to collect and organise content of all formats (links, images, videos, files etc) into a neat visual knowledge base. We're big advocates of filing as opposed to piling and built the product around this idea. You can assign all content you add to preset categories or make cusom ones (you can adjust description fields, display etc.) - these are neatly displayed as cards that you can group any way you want and either keep private or share. We've been committed to the idea of building the perfect visual knowledge management tool for a few years now, making continuous design and functionality changes. This version we are releasing now is the one we're finally proud of :)
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what a beautifully designed website. shame the pricing seems a bit high
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@_jacksmith I agree, especially with Refind being free and doing an amazing job at bookmarking and categorizing, $11/mo is simply not going to happen for me. $11/yr would be a different story probably. Then it'd be up there with Pinboard. I do really like the card idea tho hats off to good design. 🎩👏🏼
@anodigital @_jacksmith Thank you for the design comments! As for the pricing - I hear you. We are more geared towards the community of creative professionals, who we spoke a lot to while building Channelkit 2.0. We've put special emphasis on the content organisation functionality and the design that gives a sense of ownership and helps use the content, rather than just pile it. We're aiming to generate enough value for them in their work to justify the price, and we believe that when we build everything that's in the pipeline now, we should be able to do it :)
@_jacksmith Jack, in view of your older comment here, just wanted to let you know we're running a $7/mo promotion now
I really enjoyed using Channelkit to create a board of some of my favorite growth sites and articles: Channelkit reminds me a little of Pinterest, but for professionals who wish to share their links more privately.
@ninazavr lovely website and really something we all need. even though i am not a "creative" type, i can see myself using it to do mindmaps and exploratory design collections. We use private boards on pinterest for some of that right now :) Pricing is a little steep for me, but i am guessing for creative types where their livelihood depends on being organized , it makes sense
Yass! Wonderful!
@suparchie Thank you Archie!