Snapchat meets YouTube. Bite-sized vertical videos you'll πŸ’•

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Hello PH! We are building an app for watching short videos on your phone. This is an early beta of our app. It accidentally got released when apple featured us on the appstore. We would love to take your feedback on how to make this better.
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@mfroushdy how are you planning to differentiate is it just the vertical videos? Will that not be a disadvantage since there are many landscape videos! I am just trying to understand
@kausmukherjee true, I think the main problem is that most videos are landscape and they are long format. We are experimenting with ways to have people be excited about converting videos that are made to be watched on a laptop into a format that works better on your phone while you are on the go. The next update should have some pretty interesting things.
Had a chance to try the product while beta (thanks team). Really interesting approach (Snapchat consumption mode with internet videos) + love the UI/UX
@cyrilpaglino I'm glad you like it! You guys are killing it with @heytribe
@mfroushdy Like 2 hours ago this comment introduced me to @heytribe and I've been using it for about an hour now and have successfully gotten over 15 friends to download. What a crazy cool product. @cyrilpaglino I sent your video responses about differentiating from Snapchat to two different groups of people and they all loved it. Well done.
I love the content focused fresh design. I'd love to be able to share GIFs of videos right from the app - that would be yuge.
@pseudovirtual haha! We will see what we can do!
This reminds me of Hyper (which have seen a few changes since I first signed up) So what is the 'plan of attack' here? Hyper focuses on the highest quality and really interesting videos on the internet. What is the benefit of the friends angle with this specifically?
@bentossell Hey Ben, This was actually meant to be a very early beta, but apple decided to feature us on the appstore. Our goal is to figure out the best possible experience for watching videos on your phone while on the go. We are still exploring different ways on how to make the experience better. Any feedback is well appreciated.
Just downloaded the app. As expected based on Swipe's last app, it's buttery smooth and sticky. @mfroushdy where are you sourcing the videos? Being vertical, you're missing out on most (landscape) videos that are available on the web. That's also what makes this unique and arguably where video consumption is going (see @ow's article in TNW) cc'ing @gregisenberg the founder of another video app, 5by (RIP)
@rrhoover @ow @gregisenberg thanks Ryan! people post the videos by importing them from other websites.
@mfroushdy np -- updated! Btw, what happened to Swipe?
@rrhoover Swipe was really fun, but it was hard for us to be different. We wanted to build a product that is more impactful on the long run and does not depend on having friends on the app for people to have a good time.