ChangeTip for iPhone

Send and receive dollars and bitcoin on social (with emoji!)

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ChangeTip is one of my favorite products, which I've been using to primarily through Twitter to tip people by just tweeting (@person $1 @changetip) or my more common tip... (@person 🍪 @changetip). ChangeTip also lets you tip through email, SMS, Facebook, GitHub, Reddit, Slack, YouTube -- basically any social network. The ChangeTip for iOS app that was just launched is really slick, download it at: It makes tipping across all the social platforms much easier and you can even create custom monikers that tip various amounts (i.e. 🐥 = $0.50 for me) They recently introduced USD tipping to complement tipping with Bitcoin, which is what they're known for. So that makes super quick to fill up your account. Tweet me @Nivo0o0 and I'll tweet you some 🐥BTC and get you started :-)
@nivo0o0 We're extremely excited to give people the freedom to send and receive money instantly over social. The combination of USD and BTC support allows the flexibility to send to anyone anywhere in the world. Send me a tweet and let me know if you'd like USD or BTC and I'll be happy to get people started with some money as well.
@nivo0o0 thanks for hunting! By the way, you sent me my first ever tip on ChangeTip 369 days ago that got me on the platform :) The iOS app is so perfect, I can already see how my interactions with ChangeTip now that it's on mobile will go up 5-10X.
@realsimonburns @nivo0o0 ya I love the iOS app! And honored to have sent you your first tip. Fun fact that I learned a few months ago was that you were the first ever Meerkat stream I clicked on! (as traced back by iPhone archeology of screenshots from a stream)
Have been using Changetip for awhile now. Nice work by the team on getting the app out there, it looks great!!
@adamkornfield Great to hear it! Do you prefer to use BTC, USD, or both?
@jen4change @adamkornfield I've used mainly BTC so far, but need to test out with USD!
@adamkornfield Bitcoin is awesome to use. Let me know if I can ever be of service or assistance :)
The ChangeTip model, with deep integrations into social built around content, made sense to be on mobile from day 1. Huge fan of the team and the recent move to move past bitcoin, despite the fees introduced by fiat payment networks, there is still a massive market for $1+ tips between peers on the web. Maybe one day we'll each be tipping infinitesimally small sums to both large and small content publishers who are professionals and amateurs, if anyone brings about the Spotify-ization of content tipping on the internet it is likely to be ChangeTip. Congrats on the launch :) Love the app UI!
@realsimonburns We hear you, Simon! And we're thrilled that it's out now, too :) I hope to hear about some cool use cases on tipping via sms or e-mail, too... :D
Congrats team! Love the integration of tipworthy content right into the forefront of the mobile app. Looks like right now its just most recently posted content, will that eventually sort by popularity?
@fletchrichman Glad you like Tipworthy. We're pretty addicted to the content already. The feed defaults to the most popular posts within the last 24 hours, but you may click the title to view by date or score (most tipped). Also, the desktop version includes filter by tag so you can find specific content like art, business, humor, and more. Enjoy!
@fletchrichman Thanks so much, Fletcher! We're really excited, too :)
Love ChangeTip micropayments. Giving small tips for gratitude is brilliant. And it's especially fun with emoji.