ChangeTip Button

A love button for the internet. Send a 💰 tip in a click.

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The Changetip Tip Button is awesome, it's an easy way of sending tips of love and appreciation online. The extension is supported on Twitter, Reddit, Soundcloud and Slack. You can also set a default tip amount to easily change how much you tip. Download and send tips anytime, anywhere.
Love this
Reminds me of the love bucks :)
@sercanyilmaz you got it, only that love is shown with Bitcoin :D
Hey @jackhcable, I have the unfair advantage of knowing that YOU'RE 15 YEARS OLD and you made this ChangeTip Button, what's the story behind it and why did you make it?
@stringstory I've been a huge fan of Changetip since the day I found it. With the tip button, I hope to eliminate syntax and simplify the tipping process. Changetip is great as a micro-tipping platform, but has a learning curve. By getting rid of that learning curve, we can make it easier to reward others through social media.
This is such a well-executed product. Nice work.