Send BTC tips through comments, @mentions, etc...

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Neat idea, reminds me of Starbucks' Tweet a Coffee program ( - h/t @MattGartland for sending me a free cup o joe!). Perhaps we should add this to Product Hunt. :)
Reuben Metcalfe
Reuben Metcalfe@reubenmetcalfe · Growth geek, Serial upstart.
Flattr tried this some time ago... I think it's a tough-nut to crack (as evidenced by the number of attempts: ) - but that doesn't mean it's impossible. BTC could use a little liquidity too - best of luck to the Change Tip team.
Matt Gartland
Matt Gartland@mattgartland · Founder, Winning Edits
It's cool they're using bitcoins for this. I think such systems could really make the obfuscated idea of bitcoins easier to understand and, therefore, more widely used. Nice hunt!
Max Ade
Max Ade@adesome · Wilbur Labs, Ex-Googler
This was huge last night during the Bitcoin Bowl + they just raised a huge round.
Jennifer Sommerville
Jennifer Sommerville@jen4change · Head of Planning, ChangeTip
Super fun to use in Slack and on Twitter