Keep your customers updated about your product news

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 09, 2019

Create a public changelog page, publish every product update and keep your users engaged with our beautiful widget.

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@paulocastellano1 This is currently blocked by the adblocker uBlock Origin (clicking on the WHAT'S NEW link on your website doesn't work with it enabled), which is a deal-breaker for me. I can easily disable my adblocker, but requiring my users to in order to use a basic feature isn't something I want to enforce. If you figure this out, I'd be happy to try this product out — it's something I've been looking for. Best of luck!
@panphora hi David, thanks for reporting this problem... i will find the solution about this.

It's a service to notify about updates in a project's changelog, with slack integration, and maybe in the future anothers integration could be created too


Simple and very useful to notify project's changelog to our followers and users


No cons for while

Sensational to notify my clients of new features and bug fixes. Previously I notified by email, but we had little opening.


Sensational to notify my clients of new features and bug fixes.


For now no problem

Looks awesome! Would this work in or any cms?
@wagannash Hello Ashley, at the moment we only have integration with slack, so you notify your team about changes, but we're working on more integrations, do not worry.

When Paulo invited me to the beta, i knew It would be a great Product. For he knew the Pains that he resolved.


Really simple for notify our users about news in Product.


No integration with Github.