Have a changelog based on Wordpress

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 24, 2016
I created this theme/plugin because I think nobody should pay a monthly subscription for a basic changelog section.
In curious why you didn't make it a plugin so it could be more widely used?
@scottwyden I don't have any idea how it should work as plugin. If it was just a single page maybe it wasn't well integrated in the rest of the design and without comments/permalinks which I find important for a changelog. I'm open to suggestions anyway if you want to share your ideas.
@kleampa it would be similar to a theme. Except instead of forcing theme use you'd have a page template for the design. Or a shortcode for the design. Then you'd use CPts or a post category for the actually changelog posts.
@scottwyden Now I understand. It's a good idea. Thanks!
@kleampa @scottwyden Yea I'd agree with that. A plugin version would be great. You can even have it so that if you go to a certain section of your site (/changelog for instance) you would see the same output. That way you can place it alongside an existing theme. If you're interested in that approach, I'd be happy to help out with porting it!
Nice, clean, design. Thanks for this. I second the idea that @scottwyden suggested. I'd definitely use it as a plugin.
I'd also love to see it as a plugin, seems far more useful that way
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