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#2 Product of the DayApril 08, 2018

Changed for iOS is the web site monitor that works.

1. Draw on the portion of the web page that you are interested in

2. We monitor it from our server and send push notification when it changes

3. It's easy to use and you can even select from Safari using our extension!

Best for price monitoring, status updates etc.

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Steven Guo
Steven GuoMaker@steven94539 · mobile app developer
Since this app is featured on product today, I’ve featured two product hunt clips on the popular tabs in the app. Download the app and go to the popular tap to follow the two top clips and you will get notified whenever product hunt updates them!
Steven Guo
Steven GuoMaker@steven94539 · mobile app developer
Another popular use of this product is actually not what I designed at first. Quite a few people use this as a saved bookmark. Instead of bookmarking whole pages, they bookmark a portion of the page and use the compact mode to go back to it later on. It’s like Pinterest but with the benefit of realtime updates.
Ghost Kitty
Ghost Kitty@ghost-kitty-978843
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ismael Garcia
ismael Garcia@ismael_hispanog
This product looks great, but I don't have IOS, it would be great give support to web or android.
@ismael_hispanog I second this. I'd love to see an android or web version of this.
Steven Guo
Steven GuoMaker@steven94539 · mobile app developer
@ismael_hispanog @ferminrp Thanks for the feedback. I will start making the Android app once the current issues exposed by the iOS app are fixed.
Krishna De
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
Big vote for the web version of this and perhaps using the mouse to highlight information you want to track. Love you can track specific content but would also like to track a page url and then have it show when something changes on that page.