Change Toothpaste

Just like paste, without the waste

#4 Product of the DayDecember 31, 2019
Change Toothpaste, has developed a chemical-free toothpaste that has no plastic packaging. The toothpaste, which is in tablet form, is part of the company’s efforts to reduce plastic waste.
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Great idea! I checkout out your website, but couldnt find out if you only deliver to Canada/North America, or worldwide?
Love the vision. Vision will definitely help get the first cohort of customers, but to scale this you should also focus on things like the process. How does it work? Digging into the FAQ's if fine for now, but you should move that into your main message.
Interesting, like the recycling angle but how good is the paste?!
@derscharni Seems all of those have plastic packaging...
Really enjoy the recent uptick in tablet-based products to prevent water waste.