Change Together

A diversity guidebook for startups and scaleups

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Brian Gilham
iOS Developer & Writer
👋🏻 Hi everyone! I want to share a project I think is really important. Change Together is a free guidebook for small-to-medium sized businesses designed to help them take steps toward diversifying their workplaces. It's the result of a year-long partnership betweenTechGirls Canada (TGC) and TWG. Essentially, this pilot project was designed to explore, test and report on a set of strategies for boosting gender and racial diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. It serves as a do-it-yourself on-ramp to help small-to-medium sized businesses take steps toward diversifying their workplaces. And, in the spirit of open source, it's available for free — allowing other companies to iterate on the lessons learned. While I wasn't involved in the creation of the guide directly, I work at TWG and I'm damn proud of the work that's been done.
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awesome : )
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