A macOS App for changing interface colors

Chameleon is a macOS app that gives quick access to changing the interface, accent and highlight colors from the menu bar. It has a very simple interface, if you've used the System Preferences panel to make any changes then it should look really familiar.

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Hello Product Hunters, This is my first project on Product Hunt and the first macOS application that I made for public use. Most of my experience is with enterprise level applications, so most of the time I never get to put a product out for the public. Hope you enjoy.
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Interesting! Can you clarify what the difference is between the free and paid versions? Or is the "download" option a trial? Very unclear
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@_sklahr_ The download option is a free 7 day trial of the paid version. I'll see what I can do to clear up the buttons/messages on the home page. Thanks
Keep on friend !
Thanks i was dreaming about about switching from light to dark. And you did it 😄
Hello Product Hunters, due to a glaring oversight on my part I forgot to add a very important piece of code for the Chameleon updater, which means anyone who is using a version prior to the one released today won't see any future update🤦‍♂️. Head over to the website to get the newest version.