Simple Responsive Website Testing

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What was the height of the iPhone again - minus the Safari UI? How much space is there above the fold on a HTC one? Ever got frustrated with resizing your browser window just to see your page break again in a new dimension you haven't anticipated? I wrote Chameleon to help develop responsive websites. It's a Chrome plugin to preview your site simultaneously in popular device view-ports. Or add your own view-port sizes in the options. Chameleon will live refresh all views when you update the original site, or navigate around it too. Check it out, let me know what you think!
Just what I needed!
@anthonyjgrove nice to hear :) thx
Stupid-human proof, I dig it. Since it's all iframed there's no issue with chrome dev tools, though JS specific debugging might get a bit more complicated. One request: I'd love a reload button on each of the views. For instance if I'm debugging in the HTC view with a page that takes a while to load it would be great to be able to refresh just that view without reloading all of the others. Cool little utility, thanks!
@colbyh ha! I had the same experience too. Love the idea with the refresh button - it's on my todo list!