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An archive of the best interviews with Chamath Palihapitiya

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These are Chamath Palihapitiya's words. They are probably some of the best thoughts on VC, business, and life, but were scattered around the Internet. They live now in this archive.

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Herbert Lui
Herbert LuiMaker@herbertlui · Creative Director, Wonder Shuttle
Thanks for the hunt Robleh! For anyone scratching their heads (see thumbnail)... this is an ever-expanding, living, commonplace book of Chamath Palihapitiya’s best insights, collected from interviews scattered around the web (his PH one is not to be forgotten: I hope you get a fraction of inspiration and insight that my team and I got from making this. And, I hope he writes a book one day. My personal favorite insight is his mantra, “Often wrong, never in doubt.” This seeming paradox has made a huge impact in my life (especially when it’s used not to make fun of someone else, but to be critical of yourself). This alone was worth the time we put into it. Let me know what you think, and which idea resonates with you the most!
Mohammed Rafy
Mohammed Rafy@rafyasarmatta · All things Community
@herbertlui Thank you so much for doing this, Herbert. This is great. :)
Jason Li
Jason Li@imjasonli · Co-founder, TomYum
Love the thumbnail haha. Going to spend some time today going through this.
Jordan Jackson
Jordan Jackson@jordan_jackson
Love this! One of the GOATS
Kartik Dadwal
Kartik Dadwal@kartikdadwal · Founder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA
Great effort @herbert ! First feedback: For every article that you posted , it will be a nice to have the place where Chamath gave that talk and in what year. Ex. One Pager - @RockSummit October 2015 Second, it will be nice to structure his talks/articles in chronological order that gives us a sense how his thinking, and message evolved to the society over time. Again, still love what you have done! Thank you! Kartik
Miriam Schwab
Miriam Schwab@miriamschwab · Founder & CEO, Strattic
I got to hear Chamath speak, and then meet him, while he was in Tel Aviv recently. I was blown away by his insights and vision. Wow. Nice resource :)