A T-shirt with a chalk-drawable surface.

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Great concept. Would love it much more, if the writable area didn't visually differentiate from the shirt.
@aramiggs Hi Aram, thanks for your feedback ;) Interesting to know that you would prefer it not to differ, haven't heard that one before ;)
@aramiggs nice! I too prefer that.
@vsnthv @aramiggs Thanks for your feedback too ;) We are going to add sweatshirts as well as Kids collection to our website pretty soon. Is there anything else you could share with us about our project?:)
@aleksandr_karev yeap, if these 2 areas didn't differ the whole tshirt would look more consistent and solid. in my humble opinion :)
@aramiggs Good to know ;)) By the way, did you understand the concept of the product immediately or you had to read the description?:)
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@aleksandr_karev ‘This code did not match any active gift card or discount. Was it entered correctly?’
@dav140 Hi Dav, thanks for letting me know, it has now been fixed and should work just fine ;)
By the way, if you are interested in purchasing our T-shirts for your Startup team we could add your logo and make these T-shirts brandable ;) If you are interested, let us know!
Nice! I already have one, t'was a gift from the lady. Really fun idea :)
@st__matt Hi Mantas! Oh you do? Awesome! Do you like it?) Send us your photo ;)
@aleksandr_karev Yeh, but it's from a local distributor, not associated with your brand, so I doubt you really want photos :D but the product is identical.
@st__matt Mantas, ahhh, I see 😉 Yoor lady should have purchased it from us 😉 hehe
Great......I too would love to see the entire Tee "chalkable"! More than that though, any larger sizes.....please!
@drjgelb Hi Jerome, thanks for your feedback, we'll think about it ;) In terms of size, do you mean XXL?