Challenge your friends on Instagram

ChallengeMe is the game like "Truth or Dare" but right on Instagram Stories with your friends. Choose a task and record a video using ChallengeMe, post on Instagram Stories, mention your friend and tell him/her to complete the task!
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Hi, hunters! Imagine a Truth or Dare game becoming more social. We present a new interactive game for your Instagram stories. Rules of the game: • If you’re challenging friends, expect a challenge in return! 👊 • Always tag the friend you are challenging and give them a timeframe to complete the challenge (no more than 24 hours) ⏳ • Answer a challenge by reposting the original story and then posting the finished result 🥵 • Get out of your comfort zone and be creative 🤪 • If other users see that someone who has been challenged has not completed the task, send them a direct message and ask them to complete it 💥 • If you can, use the hashtag #challengeme Enjoy!
I have not seen this before! Good job!
Haha) This idea is a brilliant! got it
@evgeny_skakunov glad you liked it!
A lot of the example challenges could be pretty problematic for a lot of people...
@lillian_haye you are free to choose any challenge you want, so be realistic about what your friend you want to challenge could complete and what couldn't 😄