Personalized challenges based on your Fitbit activity

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Eric Willis
Working on something new
ChallengeBox delivers a box with everything to help you with your fitness goals... from exercise equipment to healthy snacks.
Ben TossellNo-coder 👉
Another subscription box that doesn't tell you what you are going to get in the box? I just can't see as many people signing up without first seeing what they'd get @dundas The descriptions are too vague IMO: "An assortment of healthy snacks" - What is someone has dietary requirements/allergies? "Exercise gear or apparel item" - it asks for my t-shirt size when choosing my box so I'm assuming I'd just get a t-shirt? Does that mean there is no exercise gear? I think the personalised challenges idea is cool... but how personalised is it really? Can't be tailored to my preferences and strengths/weaknesses with no prior assessment right? Seems you use fitbit for personalisation, maybe make this message clearer. And I'd still ask how personalised can that really be. Could be cool to have a challenge group. So you get auto-assigned to a group of users all doing the same challenge, and it becomes like a group thing where you compete against each other but also motivate each other to keep going. That's a big issue when people have to take it upon themselves for motivation.
David Dundas
CEO Decisive
@bentossell thanks! All great questions. ChallengeBox is very similar to BlueApron in that the ingredients vary broadly based on your selection for that week. Your box will be different if you're looking to drop 40lbs, vs running a 5k. You'll always receive your personalized monthly challenge, healthy snacks, and a fitness item. Allergy consideration is a good one we hadn't thought about yet! Once we know your Fitness goal and you've authenticated your Fitbit account we use your activity data to create your monthly ChallengeBox including: - Steps - Active minutes - Exercises - Calories consumed - Calories burned - Heartrate during exercise Some boxes including your first will come with a t-shirt, which is why we ask for the t-shirt size.
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Leo MoravtchikCEO, diggidi
Was trying to think of a limited number of actual items that can be sent via the box, but I guess if you have a creative team with the training background you can practically make anything into a prop for practice. Good luck @dundas