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One app. All coding contests. Keeps you updated with all active & upcoming coding competitions and hackathons from around the world
Awesome hunt. Aggregation in the online contest/hackathon space is much needed, and challenge hunt stands up to that challenge. Also, nice, thoughtful UI.
Great works, looks really neat and user friendly too. Where all are you aggregating data from is an important question I'd like to ask.
Why did you decide to do a chrome extension rather than a standalone website?
@bentossell We felt that chrome extension would be easier to access than having to explicitly go to a website. Also, first version of Challenge Hunt was fairly simple and building a chrome extension seemed right at that point. That said, we are now planning to build a website for it so that the users on firefox and mobile don't miss out.
Hi fellow Product-Hunters! I am Archit, one of the co-creators of Challenge Hunt. We felt the need for building Challenge Hunt when we started participating in online coding contests while in our college. We noticed that there was no central place where one could see all coding competitions happening around the internet. So, an year back @chirragnangia and I built Challenge Hunt as a side project. Seeing the amazing response from the community we decided to add hackathons, hiring and data science challenges along with coding competitions. @sukhmeet032795 joined and helped us a create a beautiful UI. I am really excited to get some feedback and take any question from this amazing community!
@architv07 @chirragnangia @sukhmeet032795 Great job with the chrome extension and GitHub pages site! Definitely a great way to create something with almost zero overhead of hosting/domain name/etc. One quick question on the GitHub pages site. In the spirit of open source, did you guys use a generator to build the bones of the site and then customize it? Just wondering because the layout seems like it's using a generator. If not, that's awesome - that means your site looks awesome!
@shardulg23 @chirragnangia @sukhmeet032795 Thanks so much Shardul! Not exactly a generator but we used an open source template and customized it to match the theme of Challenge Hunt :)