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An online learning marketplace which provides affordable high quality micro-courses from the best teachers. ChalkStreet aspires to make learning a habit.
What sets this apart from other portals for courses?
@bentossell With ChalkStreet, we are largely catering to the Indian audience to begin with. We have courses offered in regional / local languages. Also the courses are largely created by Indian authors and tailored to India's exclusive learning needs. Plus, our mobile app offers a unique personalized learning experience (targeted at each user's interests).
@tyags6 It's been 3 years into this launch, would love to know how it's going!
@tyags6 @ramprakash_g @venkatraghulan Great product. I am a big fan of ChalkStreet and the team.
Nice product, guys. Have you launched globally?
@dhruvakumar Thanks Dhruv!. We are accessible to learners from around the world :) However, our target audience is Indian learners and our content is tailored towards them.
Please check out the new android app update of Chalkstreet and give feedback pls.