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I was originally an early user of a product that pre-dated Chalk, became obsessed with the feeling that @johnexley describes in the comments here, and spent a ton of time with @ptpells and @jnoh (Chalk's creators). So, @timkomada and I led a seed investment in a product that we think is desperately needed, particularly in mobile. Quite simply, Chalk can be the best place to have group conversations with friends and connections about virtually whatever is on your mind. It solves lots of problems that Twitter can't (and may never) handle. The closest thing I can think of is what @joshm had built on desktop with Branch — Chalk is a more open, accessible version of that on mobile. I find it's the best place to "hang out" online.
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I've been using this in beta for awhile now, and to me it's kinda like Twitter, but with much more genuine and authentic conversations. Big fan of it!
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Chalk is the first app I've used since 2008 that's given me the same feeling of inspiration and, let's call it, 'loneliness-replacing connection' that I had the very first time I ever used Twitter. As @conradd and @nbashaw and @canthardywait have echoed, the community on chalk is incredible. It's one of my favorite places to lean back and get lost on my phone.
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Saw a really cool use case for @heychalk last night when @deray announced he's running for Mayor of Baltimore. @Besvinick instantly started a Chalk conversation around the topic, was a cool discussion:
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Peter has done an incredible job building this community and perfecting the product. I'm really excited they're ready to unveil. Congrats Peter & team - amazing execution!