Property management, reimagined

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Eric Friedman
@ericfriedman · Head of Expa Labs
Hello Product Hunt, I’m very excited to share the launch of Chalet, an Expa Labs company! Chalet handles the day-to-day details of property management for rental property owners. Chalet takes the hassle out of management by powering the process and their team with software. Since they joined the Expa Labs program almost a year ago, I’ve seen this team turn t… See more
Chris Kirk
@cbkirk · Co-Founder @ Chalet
Thanks, Eric! Michelle & I started Chalet because we believe that property management hasn’t modernized as technology has improved and generally leaves owners and renters with poor experiences. I’m sure many of you can relate to the headaches of dealing with your property manager. Our goal is to build a better property management company, rooted in techn… See more
Siddharth Vora
Congratulations on launch guys !! Are you guys available in bay area ? Also what is so unique about Chalet compare to other renter service platforms ?
@seanbolak · Full Stack Dev
Super excited someone is finally disrupting this domain. It's been stagnant for far too long. May want a bigger background image though––a lot of people use 28" monitors.
Bigi Lui
@ilovetonkatsu · CTO, CoinTent
Congrats Chris Kirk!!