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Hello Product Hunt, I’m very excited to share the launch of Chalet, an Expa Labs company! Chalet handles the day-to-day details of property management for rental property owners. Chalet takes the hassle out of management by powering the process and their team with software. Since they joined the Expa Labs program almost a year ago, I’ve seen this team turn their idea to fix the antiquated property management industry into a product and service that is providing owners with more clarity into the management of their investments and is creating a more straightforward, consistent rental experience for tenants. Chalet launches in their first market, Sacramento, today! Chris & Michelle will be available today and would love your feedback and questions. Thanks for checking them out!
Thanks, Eric! Michelle & I started Chalet because we believe that property management hasn’t modernized as technology has improved and generally leaves owners and renters with poor experiences. I’m sure many of you can relate to the headaches of dealing with your property manager. Our goal is to build a better property management company, rooted in technology, so that we can make renting simple, clear, and enjoyable for everyone. We’re really excited to announce our Sacramento launch, so check us out and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have.
@cbkirk Congrats - this is much needed and looks reaaaallll nice. Curious what influenced the Sacramento launch?
@jordanhosmer thanks!! We put a lot of thought into our first market and Sacramento made the most sense for us. The rental market there is blowing up, it's actually the fastest growing in the nation in terms of rent growth. It's very large with almost 250,000 rental units. We also wanted to start in a city that we felt accurately represented many other cities across the nation so we could be sure we were building a solution that would be repeatable and solve the needs of the most customers possible!
Congratulations on launch guys !! Are you guys available in bay area ? Also what is so unique about Chalet compare to other renter service platforms ?
@siddharth_vora @siddharth_vora Thanks! We're currently available in the greater Sacramento area. Since we provide the full management service, we can actually take the hassle of renting a home off of the owner and use our tech to still provide them with a ton of insight into their investment. One of the features that provides a lot of value to our owners is our inspection system. They can actually see photos, a grade for each room, and detailed descriptions of anything that needs to be fixed. We focus on providing them with as much information about our management and the state of their home as we can, so they know everything is being taken care of.
@michelle_forcier_cunningham @siddharth_vora Congrats on the launch. Couldn't be happier for you and team? Help me compare your solution. Is this the for non-corporate property management?
@hassanriggs @siddharth_vora Thanks! Our services are focused on what we call the "boutique" landlords. They typically have between one to several residential properties and are looking for long term renters. We found that this group suffers the most from lack of communication by many of the traditional property management solutions, so want to better serve them by taking care of the management while using the tech to help us communicate effectively.
Super excited someone is finally disrupting this domain. It's been stagnant for far too long. May want a bigger background image though––a lot of people use 28" monitors.
@seanbolak Thanks Bolak! We agree with you about the need for disruption, it's long overdue. Thanks for informing us about the background as well.
Congrats Chris Kirk!!
@ilovetonkatsu thanks Bigi!