Chainfuel for Telegram

A tool to help you manage a telegram community, prevent spam

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 19, 2019

Chainfuel is a new (free) analytics, anti-spam, and engagement tool for Telegram Supergroups.

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Chainfuel is a new (free) analytics, anti-spam, and engagement tool for Telegram Supergroups. With Chainfuel, Telegram group admins can track their Telegram community metrics, block spammers and scammers, and drive engagement. All for free. Built by some friends who wanted to protect channels from spam and build higher quality communities.
@datarade Thanks Kumar! PH - @mattnguyen and I built Chainfuel based on the experiences we had managing Telegram communities for several large crypto communities! We're here to answer any questions you have!
@datarade Thanks Kumar! Appreciate the shout out!
Congrats on the launch 🙌, would recommend Chainfuel for @womenmake community @marie_dm_
@nhuphan0404 Thanks Winnie! @womenmake @marie_dm_ - would be great to have you on board! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions getting started (I'm @avt301 on Telegram:
@nhuphan0404 @womenmake @avt301 @vantoai Hey, this looks very nice! I might give a try :) Congrats on the launch 🔥
@marie_dm_ thanks for the kind words Marie :) Give me or Matt a shout as you get ramped up, we'd love to hep!
@womenmake @marie_dm_ @nhuphan0404 Getting setup is SUPER simple! If you have any trouble getting setup, feel free to reach out to me on Telegram as well (!

Looking forward to seeing how Chainfuel will evolve and improve over time. Can't wait for the Pro features to be ready and will be monitoring closely to see how we can further increase engagement in our Telegram community using Chainfuel.


Chainfuel keeps our Telegram community safer by auto-deleting forwarded messages including viruses, referral URLs and join/leavers messages.


The Pro features are not ready yet.

Thanks for the kind words @bobbyong! Look forward to building with you 💪
Chainfuel 💞 CoinGecko - thanks Bobby!
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Big fan of ChainFuel and have seen the evolve project over the last year - ranging from telegram bots they've built, to analytics, and community management services. It's a passionate crew and they do good work.


Great team behind it who really care about delivering value. Send them a feature request and if it makes sense, you'll see it.


Can't think of any.

🙏 Much appreciated Mr Karl!
Thanks Karl! Appreciate the support as always.
Congrats on the launch! 🔥 Big fan as you know it 😉
@kangurkarl Thanks Karl! A lot more to come, appreciate your support 💞