Chain Quest

Addicting RPG based Puzzle game for iOS.

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Max Opitz
Max OpitzMaker@_maxopitz · Co-Founder and Programmer, DevBats
Hey everyone, one developer of @chainquestgame here, thanks for submitting it to @producthunt, @chrishannah. We are a two-man indie studio from Germany, named DevBats, this is our first game. @_adamgoertz and I developed it, @AdsTra made the beautiful art and @FyuMusic the soundtrack. Maybe somebody remembers Dungeon Raid? We both loved that game and wanted to do something similar, but evolve the gameplay somewhat. The result is @chainquestgame, we hope you like it :) Feel free to post your questions, if there are any.
Christopher Hannah
Christopher HannahHunter@chrishannah · Swift Developer / Writer
It's a pretty addicting game! I wrote about it for App Recap as well 😄