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  • LaloCo-founder & Creative Director @ Ment

    Created to make the design workflow easier.


    It needs better UI and a better way to manage Chains

    Having the ability to do color modifications/operations dynamically can be really useful and is not a feature of any major design tool


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LaloMaker@l__a__l__o · Co-founder & Creative Director @ Ment
Hello, everybody! Chain was inspired by SASS color functions ( There needed to be a way for designers to change complex color layouts without having to change each layer manually. I believe Chain will create a new interesting way to work with colors since I haven't seen anything like that. There's a lot to learn about how designers will implement this in their workflow, but I want to keep improving the plugin to make it much more intuitive. If you have any comments, I'll be happy to answer them!
Francesco Bertocci@fbmore · Founder,
Looking forward to trying it out on the pattern library!
LaloMaker@l__a__l__o · Co-founder & Creative Director @ Ment
@fbmore Hmm, that's interesting. Would you like to be able to chain a pattern fill or to be able to apply a chained color on top of the pattern fill?
Do you support gradients?
LaloMaker@l__a__l__o · Co-founder & Creative Director @ Ment
@malling Not yet, mate, but it's definitely on my list. Gradients is an obvious case of use for colors and will definitely be supported soon.
Corey Haggard@coreyhaggard · Cofounder of Moodily
This looks so awesome!
LaloMaker@l__a__l__o · Co-founder & Creative Director @ Ment
@coreyhaggard Thanks, mate! I'll keep on working to make it even better.
James Walsh@mr_j_walsh · Get press coverage -
Building beautiful UI is a big focus right now, we've migrated to Sketch and we're loving it, going to explore this more!
LaloMaker@l__a__l__o · Co-founder & Creative Director @ Ment
@walsh_ldn Thanks! I'll be happy to hear what you think.
Jon@thejmoore · Product Designer, Innovatemap