Create dynamic color relations in Sketch.

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Hello, everybody! Chain was inspired by SASS color functions ( There needed to be a way for designers to change complex color layouts without having to change each layer manually. I believe Chain will create a new interesting way to work with colors since I haven't seen anything like that. There's a lot to learn about how designers will implement this in their workflow, but I want to keep improving the plugin to make it much more intuitive. If you have any comments, I'll be happy to answer them!
Looking forward to trying it out on the pattern library!
@fbmore Hmm, that's interesting. Would you like to be able to chain a pattern fill or to be able to apply a chained color on top of the pattern fill?
Do you support gradients?
@malling Not yet, mate, but it's definitely on my list. Gradients is an obvious case of use for colors and will definitely be supported soon.
This looks so awesome!
@coreyhaggard Thanks, mate! I'll keep on working to make it even better.
Building beautiful UI is a big focus right now, we've migrated to Sketch and we're loving it, going to explore this more!
@walsh_ldn Thanks! I'll be happy to hear what you think.