Encrypted messaging app

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CorleyHunter@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
I struggled with what to put as a tagline because this is a messaging app that has taken the best from a number of different messaging apps. It is encrypted. You can go back and delete messages. And there is ghosting features. So instead of having to move back and forth between apps you could essentially use Chadder for everything.
Nile Frater
Nile Frater@nilefrater · Digital Consultant + Entrepreneur
I've chatted with @Dyslxion, one of the founders, about Chadder over on and they've got really exciting plans for their app. I struggle to see a better option for encrypted chat out there and the team have really nailed the interface. Good luck!
Joel Mackey
Joel Mackey@webaddict · Inbound Marketer - PlattForm
Looks really cool, love all the different messaging options coming out. I'd really love to see a comparison page that showed how the encryption / privacy options scored / hit / miss compared to all the other popular "encrypted" apps like Telegram.
@webaddict we are the top of the line as far as encryption is concerned. Security systems should be able to quickly adapt. We are the only system that can quickly adapt to any attack. As a note, the only time your communication on telegram is secure is in a secret chat. Otherwise, they have access.