Simple collaborative lists without logins

Hey guys, Chacy is a project I built mostly for myself because I've always felt the need to poll a group of friends or co-workers and not ask them to create an account or connect their Twitter/Facebook account to a service. I hated all of the existing loginless polling services. I wanted something with Reddit-style upvoting and downvoting, and I wanted to allow my friends to contribute their own ideas. You simply go to, click "create list," and your list is ready to share. Chacy is meant for small groups of friends or co-workers (under 50 or so) and simply asks users for their name so you can identify them. Because it's so simple and doesn't require logins, it's easily to pose as another user, which is why Chacy isn't meant to be a mass-polling tool. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts!
@danlev Trying this out in my Slack community right now. So you have to refresh the browser every time to see what you've added? Every time I reload the browser the entry shows up but the title and description disappear
@danlev this seems really useful
@blakesamic Thanks, Blake! :)
Saw this from Evan's Slack community. Great idea! Useful for feature requests voting