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The first social network for all comics fans and artists!

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from their website ComicsGate (CG) Network is the first social network for all comics fans and artists from around the world! Hurry up, join the comics universe now and explore all its mysteries with us! Share your comics/art passion and stay connected to all the comics/art fans and all your favorite writers/illustrators from arround the world and more! Here you can create/upload new accounts, groups, blogs, events, articles, topics, photos, galleries, videos, stores, ads, chats, files, polls and more related mainly to comics/art! All the fans/artists all over the globe will follow, subscribe and interact with them! CG Network can refer also to (Computer Grahics Network), we mean that too! CG Network is for all the world to use! We are working to connect all the people whatever their religions, politic views, races, belongings, ideas are through comics and art love! CG Network is available now in three languages (English, Russian, Arabic) We are working on providing it in all languages...if you are interested in translating it with us just contact us here or on our official mail: for more details. CG Network © is a part of ComicsGate Egypt, ComicsGate © is the first digital publishing house in the Arabic region and the whole world. Our main target is to introduce the comics culture to all readers every where and to redefine it in the best way. Read our exclusive releases only on the internet.
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On CG Network, you can create a Page/Group for you or your own company/organization and share your art with all fans around the can verify your account also with us to be featured on the Network! Join Now!