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The official app of CES 2017

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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · Makerpad.co
The official app of CES 2017. Find your way around the show using our maps, get info on all CES events, conference sessions and speakers and explore networking opportunities with other CES attendees.
Brannon Desseyn
Brannon Desseyn@bdesseyn · Proximity Manager at Aloompa
all these conferences (SXSW, Olympics, Sundance) use Eventbase for their apps and they get CRUSHED in the reviews every year...some company needs to step up and give them an alternative.
Oleg Sharov
Oleg Sharov@shapob · Founder @pinwheelapp
Judging by their Appstore rating it's not doing so well :) Whoa
Bojan Savikj
Bojan Savikj@bojansavikj · Editor. Writer. Copywriter!
@shapob same goes for the Google Play rating. I've tried the app, it still needs work, especially being the official app for such a huge tech event.