EV SSL certificates delivered in hours, not days

Heya! Mike from CertSimple here. We do EV SSL certificates - the 'green bar' certificates that check your identity and prove who you are - an average of 40x faster than the rest of the industry. - We live check your data against government sources in 62 countries, look for anything that could slow down the EV process, and flag that up to you **before you pay**. - There are no command line questions: we make the keys for you using current secure browser tech. If you prefer, you can make your keys on your server: we'll send you a single command to instantly create the keys with no questions (on both Unix and Windows). - We use validation logic specific to the individual customer: not just the country, but the time of day, and the TLDs involved. Registering a .co or .fm domain? Where other EV sellers will stumble, we can handle it. In Sweden? You'll have a completely different validation to someone in the UK. If there's anything you'd like to know, just email me at mike@certsimple.com! PS. Thanks for the submission and upvotes! I didn't submit CertSimple to ProductHunt - we have huge plans for the future and I wanted to do a few of those before posting here - but we're already pretty damn good at what we do and really glad you like us!
@mikemaccana doh, sorry for posting so early then :) looks like a great product and I'm sure you can push out a new post when/if you major release