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Secure your financial future with complete budgeting and cash flow forecasting.
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I'm Mitch, the founder of Certaincents. I spent years trying different financial planning apps just like most people out there but nothing seemed to give me a clear picture of both my current and future financial situation simply and with flexibility. So I started building my own spreadsheets which kept growing and consuming more or my time. A few of my friends learned of the spreadsheet and asked for a copy, after a while they suggested I turn it into a website and Certaincents was born! The philosophy of Certaincents is to minimize the time spent managing money while maximizing your lifestyle. This means that we automate as much as we can in the financial process, while still keeping you involved enough to maintain an intimate understanding of your money. We achieved this by creating three (3) brand new features that we created just for Certaincents you won't find anywhere else. First, after we connect to your bank accounts, we import all of your data and learn all about your spending habits to create an authentic budget for your approval. It doesn't matter if your bills and expenses are weekly and/or monthly, we'll find it and automatically create pending budgets for you to review, update if necessary and approve. Our most powerful and exciting feature is Cashflow Forecasting. Certaincents will use those budgets to create a detailed forecast of your finances up to a year in advance so you can see trouble before it starts and plan for those big events! Update and test What-If scenarios to see how different choices can affect your future balances. Then we'll help you through the budgeting process to ensure you budget the way you want, balanced or not. Here's where you'll get involved, as transactions come through the banks, you'll match those transactions up with the budgets you've created by dragging and dropping. We'll update the numbers/stats for you so you can see exactly how you're following your budget with a Variance Analysis (Budget vs. Actual). We have been working on this for a very long time and I'm extremely proud of what we have created but I would love to hear what your think, so please comment and ask questions whether they be current/future features or how it works! Thanks for taking the time to read! Mitch
I signed up and connected my chase account. It shows my mortgage as a positive amount (in green) and my savings as a negative amount (red).
@levi1 This is likely due to our color coding thresholds which are set automatically upon bank connection, but you have the ability to set the thresholds manually as well. Just a quick check, does the account balance for your mortgage show with the negative sign even though it is colored green? If you want to change the thresholds click: [Cog Icon (Upper right) -> Settings -> Banks -> Show/Hide Accounts]. Then edit the appropriate account, un-check "Automatically Set Minimum Balance" and update to the threshold you prefer. If it is not displaying a negative value, I'd like to move this to a private message so we can discuss in more detail and I can fix your issue. ...and thank you for the question, I'll be adding it to our FAQ!
I've been trying lots of different budgeting/financial planning apps to find one that clicks. How does this differ from, say, YNAB?
@levi1 Thanks for asking, that's a great question! YNAB is a great product, and one that many people find works for them very well. There are actually quite a few significant differences between YNAB and Certaincents. The one that jumps out the most is Cash Flow Forecasting, which doesn't fit within the YNAB philosophy (podcast 348). Certaincents considers it essential to long term financial planning. We use your customized budgets and our forecasting engine to show you a detailed plan of what your daily balances will look like up to a year in advance. Both services believe that budgets are critical to short term planning, but in different ways. YNAB defines budgeting by months, while Certaincents allows you to budget in any frequency you want, monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, annually, even every 3 days if you choose! We offer a free 30 day trial (no credit card required) and then it's only $4.99 per month afterwards if you decide it's right for you and you can cancel at any time. I would love to hear what you think after signing up, so please feel free to reach out!
@mitchell_hedditch Thanks for the thorough reply. Will use in tandem with YNAB for a while and let you know how it goes!